Financial solutions
for industrial companies
in Europe.

Financial solutions
for industrial companies
in Europe.


An alternative financing platform, with access to large international funds.

LB is an alternative financing platform specialized in financing companies, mainly based on capital goods or other productive assets. Our goal is to become the financial partner of reference for our customers, trying to offer a wide range of products that will allow us to position ourselves as a "one-stop-shopping" platform.

Welcome to LB Oprent

Welcome to LB Oprent

Financial solutions

“Multi-platform” Model

LB offers a “Multi-Platform” model which allows us to broadly cover the needs of each of our clients. We have several financial structures that allow us to customize and adjust our financing solution to the unique needs and characteristics of each operation.

Rather than offering a generic solution, we strive to understand the specific goals and challenges of each project and create a customized financing plan that meets your requirements. In this way, we can provide an effective and efficient financing solution for each operation.

Industrial Financing

Various forms of financing depending on the needs of the companies in terms of financing structure, type of collateral or size of operation.

Big Tickets and Structuring

We have options for larger transactions giving our clients access to several funds on our alternative debt platform.


LB works together with Capital Appraisal, an expert company in the performance of comprehensive Due Diligences and Industrial assessments for companies in the industrial field. The industrial services methodology is endorsed with the recognition RICS considered the highest standard in the industry.

Value-added valuations governed by RICS standards, the most internationally recognized.Improvements and design of lay outs. lay outs and renovation of technological assets. Periodic reviews and monitoring.

If you need to sell your industrial assets, LB’s team of experts is the best solution to find buyers quickly and always getting the best price.

LB Oprent is the leading alternative financing platform in Spain.

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We offer you the best options for your business.

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LB has launched LB Europe with a presence in France, Germany and Benelux to provide financing coverage throughout Europe.

We offer you the best options for your business.

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