Industrial Services

Industrial Valuations



LB works together with Capital Appraisal, an expert company in the performance of comprehensive due diligences and industrial valuations for industrial companies. The industrial services methodology is endorsed with RICS recognition, considered the highest standard in the industry.

Double Valuation

The appraiser and his team of experts travel to the client’s premises. There, two valuations are performed, an initial inventory valuation (pre-study) and a risk assessment (RICs) when approved or pre-approved. This industrial valuation is necessary for Sale & Lease Back operations but is equally valuable for insurance policies or risk management.


Final Asset Report

An asset report is produced that includes 4 key values: value In situ (useful for the accounting records), value Removal (secondhand sales reference and key to S&LB’s operations), value Liquidation (reference for sale on short notice) and value of Reset to New (key for insurance policy). The financing reference (LTV) is 70 / 85 % of the value Removal.

How it works

RICS valuations of productive assets, real estate and stock. Mandates for dismantling and relocation of industrial plants.

Improvements and designs of productive layouts. Corporate and asset financing advice. Outsourcing of services under asset finance contracts. Periodic reviews and monitoring. Technological asset renewal programs.

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