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Sale & Lease Back Industrial

Aimed at those deals that banks do not approve due to structure, volume or term. In most cases, reduced prices compared to traditional Direct Lending funds.

Multiple customized programs that adapt to the characteristics of all clients, generating a complete coverage of the risk spectrum and with a focus on machinery and industrial equipment as collateral, but also considering other types of assets as collateral: stocks, real estate, etc.

“Multi-platform” Model

LB offers a “Multi-Platform” model which allows us to broadly cover the needs of each of our clients. We have several financial structures that allow us to customize and adjust our financing solution to the unique needs and characteristics of each operation.

Rather than offering a generic solution, we strive to understand the specific goals and challenges of each project and create a customized financing plan that meets your requirements. In this way, we can provide an effective and efficient financing solution for each operation.

Asset Financing

LB offers financing of new or used assets, strategic for the company, through different modalities (purchase and sale and leaseback, leasing, bond issue, loan, etc…).

We are experts in Sale and Lease Back operations on industrial assets, but, thanks to the different collaboration agreements with debt funds, we have a multitude of different structures to offer our clients.

We operate in all types of sectors (food, metallurgy, textile, automotive, etc.), adding value to productive assets in use by the companies we work with.


Inventory financing

Structured financing secured by inventories, both to supplement collateral for transactions with other assets and for transactions in which only inventories are collateralized. Terms of up to 8 years with the possibility of grace periods. For stocks with a long useful life and no depreciation.

By financing inventories, companies can retain more working capital to use in other areas of their business and/or acquire more inventory to meet market demand without having to use their own funds.

Inventory monitoring via ERP or with different structures depending on customer needs. Stock may be used in different forms: raw materials, semi-finished products or finished products.

Vendor program

LB finances companies in Europe with its vendor program. Long-term agreements are established with manufacturers and suppliers of productive assets, whereby these manufacturers can offer their customers financing for each of their sales.

We work with different financing structures, adapting to the needs of our clients. The type of assets and suppliers we work with is very varied as we finance in different sectors (transport, IT, medical, energy, logistics, etc.).

Real estate financing

LB works with Funds with a real estate focus, being able to provide financing through different structures and for industrial, commercial and residential properties.

We can offer mortgage loans, Sale and Lease Back real estate, bridge loans or assist in the sale of assets. We adapt and advise depending on the needs of our customers.

LB is positioned as a global solution to the different financial needs of its clients.