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Other financing

Multiple customized programs that adapt to the characteristics of all clients, generating a complete coverage of the risk spectrum and with a focus on machinery and industrial equipment as collateral, but also considering other types of assets as collateral: stocks, real estate, etc.

“Multi-platform” Model

LB offers a “Multi-Platform” model which allows us to broadly cover the needs of each of our clients. We have several financial structures that allow us to customize and adjust our financing solution to the unique needs and characteristics of each operation.

Rather than offering a generic solution, we strive to understand the specific goals and challenges of each project and create a customized financing plan that meets your requirements. In this way, we can provide an effective and efficient financing solution for each operation.

Factoring and Confirming

Short-term financing structures(Factoring, Factoring / Confirming). LB offers an agile way to obtain short-term financing and can have a pre-approval of the approach in approximately 48 hours.

LB offers non-recourse confirming of various types, factoring with and without recourse mainly in Spain.


Real estate financing

LB also offers alternative financing by collateralizing real estate. In this aspect, it allows to enhance the value of the companies’ real estate assets through various structures such as Sale & Lease Back e mortgages.

We usually work with properties of a certain value with a minimum amount of €3M and a term from 1 to 10 years with extensions in case of Sale & Lease Back. In this sense, financing varies, and may be bridge or longer-term financing.

We preferably finance multi-purpose properties. Different types of properties, from warehouses for different uses (logistics, industrial, etc.) to commercial properties.

Equity Solutions

LB is also a valuable partner in Equity, helping in the search for new investors in the shareholding with equity structures, mixed, mezzanine…

As part of the process in the search for financing LB offers debt and equity restructuring solutions in order to optimize the company in terms of capital structures, partner synergies, etc.

LB is positioned as a global solution to the different financial needs of its clients.