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Inventory financing

Multiplatform Model

LB offers access to a Multi-Platform" model which allows us to widely cover the needs of each of our clients thanks to the access to financing through different Funds. Our experience allows us to propose different financial structures in order to customize and adjust our financing solution to the unique needs and characteristics of each operation.

Instead of offering a generic solution, we strive to understand the specific objectives and challenges of each project and create a specialized financing plan that meets your requirements. In this way we can offer an effective and efficient financing solution for each operation. We also offer operations and treasury management services.

How it works

LB offers alternatives for inventory financing through various structures. Financing by collateralizing inventories is a great advantage for our customers, who can obtain financing through their products in stock or raw materials.

Terms of up to 8 years and grace periods of up to 5 years and amounts starting at a minimum of 1,000,000€. For stocks with a long useful life and no depreciation.

Recurring terms and conditions
in this type of financing
Amount: From €1M, more attractive from €2M, up to €50M
Time frame: 4 to 8 years
Collateral: Inventory, either raw material or finished product.
LTV: Up to a maximum of 85% LTV: Up to a maximum of 85% LTV: Up to a maximum of 85
Location of Assets: Spain, Portugal, France and/or Benelux
Operation Structure: Sale & Lease Back, Direct Renting and Direct Lending, flexible, with possibility of grace period and balloon.

Advantages of the
Financing LB

Tested financing alternatives, with access to large international funds.

Our Value in

Operational simplicity
Customer orientation
Flexible volumes
Flexible pricing
Monetization of assets
Professionalism and experience

Product Flexibility

  • Possibility of obtaining immediate liquidity by valuing the production equipment in use.
  • Flexible and tailor-made structures, adapting operations to the needs of the company and its assets (useful life, value over time, etc.).
  • The volume of operations can move in a really wide range: from €0.1M with no limit above.
  • Really advantageous repayment terms: up to 7 years, including grace period or bullet/balloon payments.
  • Disbursement of up to 100% of the cost price + VAT of the asset; up to 85% of the appraised value in Sale & Lease-back cases.

Favorable Conditions

  • Alternative source of financing outside the traditional banking perimeter: it does not consume bank risk lines and in most cases, it is outside CIRBE.

  • We release classic collateral such as real estate or accounts receivable.
  • Good option to diversify financing providers.
  • A good alternative to other more complex and difficult to access financing methods or with higher costs, such as bonds.
  • Useful for the renewal of the industrial park, allowing the replacement of obsolete assets with state-of-the-art technology.

LB Oprent is positioned as a global solution provider for the different financial needs of its clients.