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At LB we work with more than 9 financial institutions, most of them international, in order to offer our clients financing solutions outside their “banking pool”.

"Multi-platform Model

LB offers a "Multi-Platform" model which allows us to broadly cover the needs of each of our clients. We have several financial structures that allow us to customize and adjust our financing solution to the unique needs and characteristics of each operation.

Rather than offering a generic solution, we strive to understand the specific goals and challenges of each project and create a customized financing plan that meets your requirements. In this way, we can provide an effective and efficient financing solution for each operation.

Renting / Leasing

We currently work with with 9 Financial InstitutionsWe are also building portfolios of our asset class on their balance sheet. It is a way simple and inexpensive to finance CAPEX or assets less than 8 months after installation.

We let free classic collaterals such as real estate or accounts receivable. These operations neither do they go to CIRBE. As it is a PGC lease, there are still auditors who accept this financing as “off-balance sheet”.
“off-balance sheet
. Offers reduced pricesbut better risk profiles are required.

Factoring / Confirming

Short-term financing structures (Factoring / Confirming).

It helps to obtain cash quickly and easily, without having to resort to traditional bank loans. In addition, it can help companies improve their cash flow and reduce the risk of non-payment.

LB is positioned as a global solution to the different financial needs of its clients.